RMC's Volunteer Superstar

The RMC Chapter’s most distinguished volunteer has been awarded the AFCEA International Chairman’s Superior Performance Award for 2016.  Mike Varner has been an active volunteer for AFCEA most of his life.  He has made continuous contributions at the Chapter, Regional and International levels.

Mike Varner

   Here are just some of Mike’s key contributions.

  • AFCEA member for 41 years
  • Served in almost every board position for the RMC, including President, Vice President, Programs, Treasurer, and Publicity
    • Established the Computer Engineering Award at the Air Force Academy that is presented on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA in perpetuity
    • Founded the Colorado Springs IMAGE golf tournament which raises thousands of dollars for not only AFCEA but also for AFA and NDIA
    • Founded the SPACECOM Symposium in 1982 at USAFA, reestablishing it later as the AFCEA’s SPACECOMM Symposium
      • Stayed involved every year as it became what we know today as the Rocky Mountain Cyber Symposium now in its 32nd year 
      • Chairman seven times
  • Served in many capacities directly for AFCEA International
    • AFCEA International Board of Directors, Class of 2017
    • AFCEA International Council for 10 years
    • Regional Vice President (RVP) for the Great Plains Rocky Mountain Region for 6 years
    • Co-chair of the AFCEA International Membership Committee’s Government/Military Membership Subcommittee
    • Awards Committee member, ensuring the best of the best are selected for the Meritorious Service Award, Medal of Merit, Leadership, and Distinguished Young AFCEAN Awards
  • Mike was previously awarded AFCEA International’s Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award (1981), Meritorious Service Award (1989), Medal of Merit (1999), and Leadership Award (2004).   


CSPA WinnersAFCEA International's Chairman's Superior Performance Award winners for 2016.  From left to right, Robert Damen, Terry Halvorsen, Mike Varner, and Konstantin Zografov

To Mike we say thank you for 40 years of dedication to national defense and to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math students whose careers got a head start thanks to his contributions!

For more information about AFCEA International’s Chairman’s Superior Performance Awards, see http://www.afcea.org/site/?q=awards/chairssuperiorperformance.


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