AFCEA RMC 2017 Volunteer Recognition Banquet

The Till Kitchen, 6 May 2017, Colorado Springs CO

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Group Photo AFCEA RMC Annual Recognition Banquet


Bob Wright presents Judy Arnold  the Chapter MSA

Judy Arnold
Debbie Bone


Bob Wright presents Debbie Bone the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Mike Clark  the Chapter MSA

Mike Clark
Ryan Even


Bob Wright presents Ryan Even the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Russ Fellers  the Chapter MSA

Russ Fellers
Vanessa Johnson


Bob Wright presents Vanessa Johnson  the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Srikant Mantravadi  the Chapter MSA

Srikant Mantravadi
Phil Parker


Bob Wright presents Phil Parker  the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Steve Smith  the Chapter MSA

Steve Smith
Sharon White


Bob Wright presents Sharon White  the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Wanda Williams  the Chapter MSA

Wanda Williams
Fred Mooney Bob Wright


Fred Mooney presents Bob Wright  the Chapter MSA


Bob Wright presents Jerri Roush a bouquet

Jerri Roush

About AFCEA RMC Awards

The AFCEA Rocky Mountain Chapter is fueled by volunteers.  We celebrate our volunteers and recognize them for their time and talent.  Contact us for further information or questions:

Vice President Awards
Fred Mooney


About AFCEA International Awards

AFCEA International has a robust awards program, recognizing outstanding contributions around the world.  For more information, see