Colorado Springs

 2014 CyberSpace Symposium Presentations

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Opening Luncheon Keynote: MGen Brett Williams, Director of Operations, USCYBERCOM J3, Cyberspace Operations

Keynote: MGen Martin Whelan, Director of Requirements, HQ AFSPC: Securing and Defending Cyberspace, a Weapon System's Perspective

Mr. William Marion III, AFSPC Chief Technology Officer, Turning Cyber and Tech Trends into Joint Information Operations

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Gen Shelton, Commander, AFSPC: Cyber's Future, its Challenges and Opportunities

MGen James "Kevin" McLaughlin, Commander, 24AF: Bringing Airmindedness to Cyber Operations

RADM Thomas "Hank" Bond, Director of Cyber Operations, NORAD/USNORTHCOM: Half Blind, Half Ready

MGen (ret) Robert Behler, Chief Operating Officer, Carnegie Melon, Software Engineering Institute: Perception vs Cyber-Reality

Luncheon Keynote: LtGen Michelle Johnson, Superintendent, US Air Force Academy: Preparing the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors

Mr. Greg Akers, SVP, CISCO, Advanced Security Initiatives Threat Response, Intelligence and Development: Defending Against Sophisticated Cyber Actors Using Threat Intelligence

Dale "Dr. Z" Zabriskie, Evangelist, Symantec: The Known Knowns, the Known Unknowns and the Unknown Unknowns of Cyber Security.  Knowing your Information is the Key

MGen Alan Lynn, Vise Director, DISA: The Effects of Cyber Operations on the Evolution of DISA

SMS Tina Nunno, VP & Fellow, Gartner: The Machiavellian CEO

Thursday, 6 February 2014

BGen Kevin Wooton, Director of Communications and Information, HQ AFSPC: Presenting Service Capabilities in a Joint Cyber World

Mr. Jeffrey C Allen, Director of Logistics, Installations and Mission Support HQ AFSPC: Why Cyber Logistics and Sustainment are Critical

Mr. Victor Akinnagbe, CTO Micorsoft Corp: Microsoft's Cloud OS Vision and Strategy

BGen Kimberly Crider: Military/Industry Partnerships in Building Toward a Resilient, Defensible Joint Information Environment


 Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO    Colorado Springs


MGen Kevin McLaughlin, 24AF Commander

mGen Brett Williams

Ms Tina Nunno, VP & Fellow Gartner

MGen Alan Lynn, Vice Director DISA

MGen Martin Whelan, A Weapon's System Perspective

 Mr. Victor Akinnagbe, Microsoft