RMC Leadership

President and Chairman of the Board
Robert Wright, Col, USAF (ret), 17 Spires, LLC



Vice President
Vice President Programs
David Geuting, Col, USAF (ret), Braxton Technologies
719-799-2769 or djgeuting@comcast.net
Vice President Education
Russ Fellers, Col, USAF (ret), SAIC
Vice President Membership/Industry
Robert Wright, Col, USAF (ret), 17 Spires, LLC - Interim
Vice President Membership/Military and DoD
TSgt John Walker, USAF
Vice President Finance
Michael J. Varner, Col, USAF (ret)
719-590-1051 or board@rockymtn-afcea.org

Vice President Finance
Mike Clark, Col, USAF (ret), Symantec
719-661-7764  or treasurer@rockymtn-afcea.org 
Vice President Administration
Dr. Rebecca Decker, Southern Colorado Technology Alliance and Catalyst Campus
719-331-6539 or webmaster@rockymtn-afcea.org 



Vice President Enlisted Affairs



Vice President Young AFCEAN
Vice President Public Affairs
Steve Smith, Col, USAF, (ret), Serco
Vice President Social Media Outreach
SSgt Ryan Even, USAF
Vice President Awards
Frederick W. Mooney, Col, USAF (ret)



Vice President Special Projects
SSgt Thomas Asmus


Permanent Chairs

Symposium Committee Chair
Vanessa Johnson, Lt Col, USAF (ret), Cisco
Science Fair Committee Chair
Srikant Mantravadi, Col, USAF (ret)
Chapter Advisors
AFCEA Regional Vice President
Michael J. Varner, Col, USAF (ret)
USAF retired
719-590-1051 or board@rockymtn-afcea.org 



Regional Vice President Young AFCEAN 
Capt. Ikenna Olelewe, USAF